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Neuroscience News: Anti Bacterial Oregano

en farmers are examining the antibacterial benefits of the herb oregano. Chicken farms are often plagued by bacterial diseases which are traditionally treated with antibiotics. Public health specialists are worried that the widespread use of antibiotics may cause antibiotic resistant bacteria to emerge. 80% of the antibiotics produced are used for animal feed to prevent disease and spur growth.
Chickens that are fed a mixture of oregano and cinnamon can be raised free of antibiotics.
Researchers are studying how oregano acts and to measure its effectiveness. The preliminary results have been difficult to reproduce. In addition to the adding oregano, farmers have to keep conditions clean in order to control bacteria.

Pig farmers are also trying the oregano laced feed. Oregano may be able to control parasites and worms in goats and sheep. Antibiotic free meat and eggs are in high demand and command a higher price.
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