Catnip story

Snoozing, sweating, and fighting.....
Catnip is associated with all these action words!
The Latin name for this historically versatile plant is Nepeta from the Etrurian city of Neptic where it first became prominent. The French call catnip, 'herbe des chats' and often made tea from it before the arrival of Chinese teas.

Cats get really excited when they smell catnip, especially if it has been bruised or crushed. There is an old saying about catnip, 'if you set it, cats will eat it. If you sow it, the cats won't know it.' Ironically, catnip can be used as an effective barrier against rats, who can't stand it!
Some people believed that, when chewed, the root of the catnip made a person fierce and quarrelsome.

One legend recounts how an executioner who couldn't muster the courage to carry out a hanging, was known to chew catnip and proceed with the sentence!  Catnip has been used to help people sleep and can produce sweating without benefit of exercise! 
Want to sweat, but skip the gym and take a nap instead? Then catnip is for you!

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