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Bloomin' Brains Summer Camp

Bloomin Brains 2013
The 2013 Bloomin Brains Camp was a great success.

 Campers will had an opportunity to:
  • Conduct hands-on science experiments
  • Learn about traditional uses of medicinal plants in Native cultures
  • Explore the structure and function of the brain
  • Visit the Burke Museum, UW Botany Greenhouse, Medicinal Herb Garden, the Hyde Herbarium, and UW Farm
  • Listen to real scientists talk about their careers
  • Discover "the art of the brain" by constructing models
  • Make a plant extract and tie-dye a shirt
  • Research neuroscience at the UW computer lab
Getting a feel for the brain....
Discover how much fun science can be!

Get a feel for the brain

Making decoctions of herbs
Preparing herbs
Microscope work

Microscope work

The Spiker boxThe spiker box

Questions about camp? Contact: Marcia Johnson Witter or

'Bloomin' Brains' is part of a research project supported by an award from Blueprint for Neuroscience Research and administered by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.