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The Team

General Inquires (
Current Team Members
Dr. Eric Chudler, Principal Investigator

Past Team Members
Dr. Kristi Straus, Project Manager
Marcia Johnson Witter, M. Ed, Outreach Manager

Jennifer Trygstad, M.A.Ed, Organizational and Social Media Assistant
Shaun Taylor, Web Manager
Dr. Laura Collins, Evaluator
Brigitte Tennis, Teacher Consultant
Shengzu Tong, Undergraduate Researcher

Neil Chakravarty, Undergraduate Researcher
Phyllis Harvey-Buschel, Curriculum Writer
Nan McNutt, Curriculum Writer
Pranav Venkatarama, Undergraduate Researcher
Luke Allpress, Undergraduate Researcher

Robert Hall, Undergraduate Researcher

Elischa Saunders, Post-bac Researcher

Kristen Bergsman, Curriculum Writer