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Heads and Tails: Investigating the Effects of Plant Extracts on Planaria Regeneration Cells, Regeneration and Model Organisms


This lesson is designed to introduce students to the concepts of stem cells and regeneration using planaria as a model organism. Students will learn how neuroscience research promotes health and leads to understanding and therapies. Additionally, students will discuss ways to do such research ethically. In the lab portion, students will explore how the plant extracts they made previously in the Infusions & Decoctions: Preparing Plant Extracts lesson affect planaria regeneration.

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Regeneration and Stem Cells

Using Model Organisms

Planaria regeneration from HHMI

Stem Cell-Based Therapies—Click & Learn  HHMI Biointeractive 

Planarian Regeneration and Stem Cells video HHMI 11 :47 minutes

Planaria: A window on Regeneration- Exploratorium

Stem Cells: Cells with Potential - Exploratorium

The Science and Ethics of Stem Cell Research- A curriculum for grades 7-12 from the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research, focusing on Planaria and stem cell research


The Science and Ethics of Animal Research- A curriculum for grades 6-12 from the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research


Speaking Honestly – Animal Research Education (SHARE)- A program designed to guide educators in leading a discussion-based classroom activity on the different views on the use of animals in research. The activity requires a single class period of 50-75 minutes.


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