The Neuroseeds Project

The Sowing the Seeds of Neuroscience project is a partnership between neuroscience researchers, teachers and students. We have developed hands-on laboratory activities for middle school students about neuroscience and medicinal plants.  Here are some questions you can explore in this website and through the lab activities:

Lesson Plans

The  Neuroseeds Lesson Plans are free and available for download. Click here to see the 8 lessons. Teachers who complete the summer teacher training workshop are also eligible to borrow the Neuroseeds Supply Kits.

Workshops and Camp

The 2014 Summer Teacher Workshop was a great success.
Read about the Workshop.

The 2014 Bloomin' Brains Camp was fun for everyone.
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Think about it

Can chemicals in plants we eat affect nerve transmission and the nervous system?

  • Learn what happens in the space between nerves where they connect.
  • Some plants may enhance nervous system function while others damage it.

What medicines come from plants?

  • Many of the most common drugs such as aspirin were originally produced from plants. Learn More
  • The fantastic diversity of plant chemicals inspires drug research and synthetic drugs

How are useful chemicals extracted from plants?

  • Plant substances can be separated by using their physical properties. Learn More

How were medicinal plants discovered?

  • Many useful medicines have been discovered by people from other cultures and throughout history
  • People have always used the scientific method even without modern scientific knowledge

About Our Team

Sowing the Seeds of Neuroscience is a team of neuroscientists, researchers, and educators at the University of Washington.

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Contact Info

Main Project Email  nseeds@uw.edu

Project Fax  (206) 543-1066
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Neuroscience in your classroom

Are you already learning about neuroscience in your school? Drop us an email to tell us what you are doing. 

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The Sowing the Seeds of Neuroscience program is supported by an NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research award and administered by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (Grant number R25DA033011